Images from the Two-Day coloured pencil workshop in Hobart, June 1 & 2 2012.
New information will be posted as new classes and workshops are planned.

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  1. Hello Richard,

    My name is Anne Clarke and I live in Hobart. I just read on your blog that you are conducting a workshop in Hobart next weekend and I am hoping that you will have room for one more participant.

    I have been working with coloured pencils for nearly three years. I started with adult colouring books and now I am trying to learn how to do flower portraits, using a book by Cynthia Knox. I also spend part of each year in Penang, Malaysia and there I attend a drop-in studio run by Esther Geh, where I have been learning by association with cp artists such as Sharon Siew Suan Kaw and Lindy Clarkson. However I have never had an opportunity to participate in a workshop with hand-on instruction and feedback, still less to meet up with Tasmanian colour pencil artists.

    I believe that I can provide the necessary tools and materials for the workshop, as I own a complete set of 72 Luminance pencils as well as Derwent Inktense, Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier pencils, and have a stock of Arches hot pressed watercolour paper.

    I woul love to participate in your forthcoming workshop, but I realise that this is very short notice. I would love to receive information about any other workshops you might be conducting in Tasmania in the future.

    Best regards,
    Anne Clarke

  2. Will you be teaching anytime in the US or Europe? Do you have an online tutorial class? I would love to take a class of yours but I live in California.

    1. Hi Gigi, I’d love to teach overseas, but I’ve yet to be invited. Unfortunately, I don’t do online tutorials either. Kind regards, Richard

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